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Sgt. McMillen's Marine Corps Pictures

Welcome to My Marine Corps Photo Pages

"If everyone could become a Marine, It would not be the MARINES!"

Please send me your boot camp photo so I can post it here.

Robert McMillen--Parris Island--1954 (Wheezer)--And a few Photo's.

Gordon McPherson--1934 (S D Gunner)--And General Orders.

Howard Vaught--San Diego--1960 (vaught)--Code of Conduct

Carl S. Bornes,Jr.--Parris Island--1947--Rifleman's Creed

Linda Broadus (Chach)--Parris Island--1980--The Marine's Prayer.

Bill Conroy--Parris Island--1972--Rifleman's Prayer

Will Gaefcke--San Diego--1971--Link to A 1st. Marine Division Association Page !

Bruce Okeson Sr. (Tracer)--San Diego--1964--With photo of 1964 Hollywood !

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