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Hello I am Bob, United States Marine From 1954 to 1962.

This page is dedicated to the Men and Women who served in the Armed Forces of The United States of America. Those who served in time of War, in time of Peace, and especially to those who made the ultimate sacrifice that I may enjoy the freedom to write this page.

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WELCOME to Sgt. McMillen's Boot Camp

HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS---Spend Your summer vacation in beautiful South Carolina. Free room and board. Everything provided to make your stay with us an unforgettable experience. Small salary and job placement guaranteed. See Your United States Marine Corps Recruiter!

06 June,1954 I was a 17 year old Young Adult.

On 24 August,1954 I was a United States MARINE!

On 27 August,1954 I became 18.

I started my training in Platoon 290 4th. Battalion. I was informed that the 4th. had been used for training the Women Marines at one time. I assume that was the reason we were in Quonset huts seperated from the other training battalions. My senior drill instructor was a Corporal and the junior drill instructor was a Private first class. We were joined by a second Corporal several weeks before graduation.

Marine Corps boot camp is the beginning of a way of life.

The first step into the Brotherhood of The Few and the Proud.

The Men and Women that complete the training and earn the title Of United States Marine will carry the lessons they have learned all the rest of their life.

I joined the "Corps" June 6, 1954 two weeks after graduating from High School at the tender age of 17. I Graduated from MCRD P.I. Aug.24,1954 from Plt.290 4th. Battalion. I was ordered to Electronics School at USNTC Great Lakes after Boot. I Reported to Radio Relay and Construction Co., 8th. Comm. Btn. FMFLant at Camp Gieger after school and completed several technician schools on radio relay equipment. I spent an 18 Month tour at USNAS Quonset Pt., R.I. 1956-57 as Marine Guard and Asst. Brig Warden, then I learned the term "convenience of the Government transfer" and was ordered back to 8th. Comm. in Gieger. I was Discharged 19 Oct. 1959 as Sgt. 2638. Then the Inactive Reserves until I completed my eight year obligation in 1962.

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As a Ham radio operator I will be hunting DX on the HF bands as KF4CM. " 73 "

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SEMPER FI to all my Marine brothers and sisters everywhere!

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